Difference on VPS and Cloud Hosting technologies

Cloud and VPS technologies are the latest trends in web hosting industry and a lot of companies provide such services/servers. A virtual private server or VPS can be a virtual container on a dedicated server and the VPS act as a unique machine.

On the other hand ,a cloud server is made by joining of cluster of virtual servers which is more relevant and strong technology and of course you need more dollars to buy a cloud server.

Let’s take a brief on these technologies:

Cloud Hosting(Servers)

As we discussed above, a cloud server is formed by clustering of multiple servers and all resources such as RAM, hard disk and load are handled or balanced by these multiple servers, so there is less chance of any server down or performance issue. Most people in this industry, migrate their technologies to cloud infrastructure to ensure best capabilities of a server.

This method of hosting is often called as infrastructure as service(IAAS) and more stable than any other hosting platform like VPS or shared environment.



Availability: A cloud server can be migrated to another cloud if that physical server fails without any down issues.

Scalability: As the term indicates, a cloud server can be scalable to any peak resources, we can increase server resources such as RAM, hard disk, load balancing and this let you experience a powerful server.

Operating system availability: We can install any operating system from a wide range of OS including Linux flavors such as Centos, Fedora and Ubuntu and Windows Server OS.


A cloud server is little more expensive than a normal virtual server.


VPS(Virtual Private Server)

As the term indicates, a VPS has virtually created a container by the available virtualization technologies such as KVM,XEN and OpenVZ. To simplify, a dedicated server can be divided into multiple virtual containers and each container act as a separate/unique server.

There are different kind of VPS by the virtualization technology used. A VPS can be openvz container which cheap and commonly used by hosting users. Another type can be KVM VPS and which itself act as a dedicated server in terms of usage of server resources.

Openvz is a kernel-based virtualization technology that uses the same kernel for all servers in it. Thus it can be said that if any server has high load, it affects all servers on this node/dedicated server. Likewise, if a VPS have 2 GB RAM but not using this at a period of time, this RAM can be used by another VPS, so basically we can’t say that an openvz vps have permanent resources.

Whereas a KVM virtualization is much more efficient and each container in this act as a unique/dedicated server. More clearly, we can’t use resources on a KVM VPS to another server. We can install any operating system including Linux flavors such as Centos, Fedora and Ubuntu and Windows Server OS on a KVM dedicated server.

Normally, users install a management tool (hypervisor) such as Solusvm and Virtualizor or proxmox and Vmware. So, we can manage virtual servers easily and perform all actions like creation, termination, suspension of a VPS.


Less expensive
Separate virtual containers act as unique server – a better environment for a website from shared hosting environment.
Scalable according to the capacity of the physical server.


We can’t be assured of availability if the physical server fails, the VPS hosted on the machine will also face the destruction.

To conclude, a user can go with VPS option if he needs cost-effective virtualization technology and a secure manner of accessing files and databases. Whereas if you need a more stable infrastructure on hosting platform, a cloud would be the best choice.

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