Before looking into how to balance the load between HTTP cache from multiple CDN vendors, a good knowledge on the working of the load balancer is necessary. The load balancer is a device which distributes network or application traffic across a cluster of servers thereby enabling the rise in availability and efficiency of websites. It is a key component in the advanced infrastructures to improve the performance and reliability of databases, websites, applications and other services by efficiently distributing the workload across multiple servers.

Load Balancer working


The load balancer is usually placed between a client and a server which accepts the requests from client side and forwards the user’s request to a backend server. The role of the load balancer is to divide the total work so that even enormous amount of work can be accomplished in the equivalent time interval. This paves a way to handle the user’s requests faster. Load balancing can either be actualized with hardware or software or a blend of both. The most common application of load balancing is computer server clustering.

HTTP Cache


Reusing previously fetched resources can significantly improve the performance and applications of websites by reducing the latency and network traffic. Load balancer handles 4 types of traffic which include HTTP, HTTPS, TCP and UDP. Websites tend to be more responsive when used HTTP caching where a copy of a given resource is stored and served as per the requests.

A few different sorts of caches like gateway caches, CDN, reverse proxy caches and load balancers are available which are deployed on web servers for better unwavering quality, execution and scaling of sites and web applications. Primarily caches are classified as private and shared caches. A shared cache stores the responses of more than one user for the purpose of reuse. A private cache is devoted to a single user.

Multiple CDN vendors


Content Delivery Networks (CDN), the globally distributed network of web servers provide faster delivery and highly reliable content. The content is replicated throughout the CDN so that the content is available in all the spots in a flash. If a client requests any data without a CDN the content will be served from the original source. With CDN, a client can access a copy of the data and CDN aid the contents to the client from nearest CDN vendors. With the help of CDN, queries can be rendered at a faster rate.

The same mechanism is used in multiple CDN which ensures the content reaches the customers quickly. Whatever the form of content, maybe an audio or video, image or any data, through multiple CDN strategy the content reaches the customers around the globe in a swift of time.

Content delivery networks have servers all around. These servers host the content of websites in the locations which are closer to the end user and so the distance the information has to travel is reduced and the website loads at a faster rate. Multi CDNs are exceptionally useful for the sites that experience high traffic globally.

Mentioned below are the few companies that use multiple CDN vendors.

Netflix 4 CDNs

LinkedIn 3 CDNs

Twitter 3 CDNs

World of Warcraft 3 CDNs


EBay 2 CDNs


Load balancing between HTTP Cache from multiple CDN vendors

 This technique handles the traffic logically based on the performance and location. To keep the caches they either use HTTP redirects or a dynamic DNS which uses a short TTL. There are several products like SelectPath which has the capability to enhance any quantity and combination of CDN’s, delivery networks. Also, the load balancing platform delivers a capability to define which network is handled and each end-user request through decision rules.

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