Server to Server(S2S) Integration

S2S integration is that which allows communication between two ad servers. More specifically communication between an ad network and a publisher. It is commonly used for purposes like mediation, auctioning etc. S2S integrations are used by mobile advertisers and ad networks. It is used to determine the number of installations that are driven by an ad that is served.


Work Flow of S2S Integration


Server to Server(S2S) Integration


Device-to-Server integration

Device-to-Server integration is also known as Client-to-Server or C2S integration.  In C2S integration the tag in case of mobile web or SDK in case of mobile apps is placed onto the properties. The code is placed onto the actual property itself instead of placing the code onto the server. The ad request is made from the device/client.

Difference B/w S2S and D2S

S2S integrations are much complex but latency is less once they are set up whereas D2S integrations are much simpler but the latency is greater when the ad is served.

S2S signifies the integration between two server platforms whereas D2S signifies the integration of an app or a web property with the server.

S2S integration is commonly API-based integration between servers and no app update is required ever whereas in D2S app update is required after integration or any subsequent change in SDK.

S2S integration depends on the availability and computing of your server whereas in D2S availability and computing is distributed across devices.

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