Earlier this year canonical released the most awaited Ubuntu 18.04 with long-term support for five years.

Here are the top five features of the brand new Ubuntu 18.04.

1. Welcome back gnome

Canonical made a massive switch from earlier Ubuntu versions by providing gnome 3.0 in new Ubuntu, which is a massive game changer for the Gnome fans. The change is visible almost everywhere in apps button, a launcher which can move around, clock and even in the calendar with the added weather forecast.

2. Minimal Version

Minimal version means the installation will be a lot quicker and there won’t be any unnecessary bloatware. This is suitable for people who are working on old hardware as it won’t eat up much CPU.

3. Faster Boot speed

As per canonical the newer Ubuntu 18.04 boots a lot faster by making use of systemd’s features the bottlenecks can be eliminated and cleared quickly.

4. Installing Apps

This is one of the best features. Earlier installing PPAs needed three commands: One for adding the repo, we needed to update the repo list which is sometimes time-consuming and then finally installing apps. Like given below:

‘sudo apt-get-repository ppa:[ppa url] ‘
‘sudo apt update’
‘sudo apt install [app] ‘
but now you can directly go from one to three. Like:
‘sudo apt-get-repository ppa:[ppa url] ‘
‘sudo apt install [app] ‘
and you are good to go.

5. Screen recording

Earlier screen recording was done using third party tools like vokoscreen. But now its as simple as pressing three keys on the board. Just hold down Ctrl + Alt + Shift + Print Screen and you are done. The screen will now start recording and you can stop the process using the same combo. The recorded session can be found in the Videos folder.

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