Choosing the best cloud support service is not an easy job. There are different factors to consider and plenty of providers to choose from. Choosing a cloud service provider has become more of a necessity for many businesses now. But picking up a cloud provider is not the only thing, it has to be managed properly as well.

But, how do we evaluate cloud support services? The following are certain factors which help in sorting out cloud services

Experience in the market : This is quite obvious. An experienced cloud service team can provide better support than a newbie. But need not be old. Just check the experience of the human resources. This is because older companies can possibly charge you more.

Reputation : Cloud has been there for some time, and there would be a general perception about a company. This sort of reputation check can help you shortlist a few from the long list of cloud support service providers.

Talk to their customers : If a company has been in the market for some time, they would surely have plenty of customers. It will be good if you can talk to their present customers and past customers. It would give you a complete picture to you about the cloud support quality, response times and communication.

Service level agreements and monitoring: See if they commit to any service level agreements so that in case of any emergencies you are clear about who is going to take care of it and how. In fact, if they are ready to accept penalties in case the promised services are not delivered, then it’s far better.

Communication : Are they good and timely with their communication? These guys are going to be working with you, and it’s better to ensure that your internal team is comfortable with communication.

Billing and accounting : How is the billing and accounting done? Some of them might want to be paid in advance. Also, check if you get a clear invoice citing the charges break down. There should be a transparent method to ensure that there are no surprising charges in the invoice.

24/7 Service: Not all of the Cloud Support Services provide 24/7 service. But if yours does, then that will give you extra peace of mind.

Preventive suggestions: A truly professional company would provide you suggestions to prevent possible future issues. Being cloud, accessibility is not going to be an issue in case of a failure. But prevention is always better than cure.

Automated diagnostics and resolutions: If support services are not constantly monitoring your cloud space, and is only there to solve an issue, that is not a positive sign. They should be using automated software to keep your cloud monitored at all times.

Strong Recovery Options: In case something goes awry, would the support team have backup in place? It has to be there, as data is valuable and always needs to be safe and secure

So, these are some of the factors that can help you chose the best cloud support services. If you have points to add, feel free to leave a comment in the comment section.

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