Server monitoring is a tough job. Admins would not be able to track down or predict every issue that crops up in the server all the time. Server Monitoring Tools will help them to a certain extent.

Here is a list of 10 best free server monitoring tools that would be helpful if you are a server administrator.

Wireshark – It’s not easy to do network troubleshooting. But Wireshark offers powerful features that help you make it easy. It is simple to use with features such as colour coding and traffic analysis would never be the same after you employ this software.

AMANDA – Backup is an absolute necessity and a lifesaver at times. Advanced Maryland Automatic Network Disk Archiver (AMANDA) is a solid option for server administrators looking for backup software. It helps to setup a master backup with support for different media.

Exchange 2010 RBAC Manager – Are you working with Exchange and role based access control? Then RBAC is a great tool for you. It is a good choice in Exchange 2010 for you to create and manage different roles easily.

Remote Connectivity Analyzer – This is almost an exclusive online tool which software allows you to troubleshoot and test Outlook, OCS, Office 365, exchange servers, Lync, and email (IMAP, POP, and STMP). You can run the connectivity tests by simply entering the login credentials and server address. From the website, you get a downloadable connectivity analyzer tool for testing local server connectivity.

NetSetMan – Server administrators needs to work with different networks or network settings. With NetSetMan, it becomes easy for you to manage these settings. Using different profiles, you can easily change your DNS, IP and other network settings. While they have a paid version with lots of functionality, there is a free version as well with essential features.

PRTG Network Monitor – Monitor your network with this smart software. It helps in monitoring used bandwidth, availability of network devices and performance. This tool supports numerous protocols including NMP, jFlow , sFlow, WMI, packet sniffing, NetFlow etc.

Process Hacker – View all processes, threads, and services with Process Hacker. Nothing would stay hidden. You would be able to see all connected processes, open or listening ports and network connections.

Postfix Admin – This Unix tool makes it simple for system admins to manage the mail server. The interface is simple and easy to use, making it possible for a junior system admin to handle without trouble.

Expect – Interactive CLI commands are automated by Expect. It is a very useful tool for getting information from interactive login on routers.

ISPConfig – Don’t like Webmin? ISPConfig is an alternative you might find easily likeable. With a far friendlier interface and more support for email spam filters, whitelists and firewalling, it is a better choice for system administrators.

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