As the Internet gets overpopulated with websites, it’s no wonder that the number of hackers and hacking incidents are also on the rise. All websites are open to attack at any minute. You may never know of vulnerability in your website until an attack happens. In case, you are one such unfortunate victim, here are some online resources to help you through the difficult period and administer the necessary primary steps until professional help comes around.

First of all, you need to confirm whether your site has actually been hacked. Here is a checklist to do that:-

Go through your files: Three types of files to go through if you are familiar with code – .htaccess files, .php files and media files.

Make use of security tools: If you are not expert enough to look at the codes, you can probably do a scan with one of the various security tools available. Here are some tools to help you.

Magento Sites: Magento is one of the most popular platforms for ecommerce websites around the globe. So, there are some pretty good resources out there to depend on if your Magento site gets hacked.

 Precautionary resources:

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Recovery Resources:

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Magento community forum

Drupal: This is a popular open source Content Management framework with a bunch of avid followers. Launched in 2000, Drupal framework also has a following that could help you out from a tight spot.

Precautionary resources:

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Recovery Resources:

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WordPress: A huge number of sites are developed in WordPress for a reason. It’s one of the most user friendly CMS around, and offers a lot of options to the normal user. But on the downside, it’s also vulnerable to a few attacks now and then.

A lot of these hacks happen mainly because of four reasons:

  • Hosting platform vulnerabilities
  • Insecure theme usage
  • Not-so-safe plugins
  • Weak passwords

Normally, we’ll find out of the wordpress site hack by the following symptoms:

  • Search engines warn of blacklisting
  • Browser begins to behave abnormally
  • Spam content
  • Website suspension notification
  • Modified files
  • Google SERPs show warnings

So, how do we tackle this issue?

Here are some resources:

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Data Recovery

This is a key concern for enterprises once their websites get hacked. Here are some data recovery resources to help you out:

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19 Free Data Recovery Software Tools

Alternatively, you can also contact a Hack Recovery service provider to avoid all these hassles and ensure the best safety with the most secure tools.