Cron is one of the most useful tools in Unix based operating systems. It allows the users to run commands or scripts at a given time which is very helpful for taking backups, updating packages etc.
But sometimes you may feel disturbed when getting the cron e-mails daily. upcp cron e-mail is one among them. Let’s see how to disable the upcp cron e-mails to your account when an upcp has run.

How to stop upcp cron e-mails?

SSH into the server as root user and type the command

#crontab -e

You will see the crontab file for root now.
Find out the upcp cron command in the file.

10 2 * * * /usr/local/cpanel/scripts/upcp –cron

To disable the cron e-mails you just need to edit the command by adding “> /dev/null 2>&1” to the end of the line.

Like this,

10 2 * * * /usr/local/cpanel/scripts/upcp –cron > /dev/null 2>&1

Now the output will redirect to /dev/null device and by that upcp cron emails will get disabled.
Please note that you won’t get alerts if upcp had any errors and to enable the e-mail notifications back, we need to remove “> /dev/null 2>&1″ from the command.

To disable all cron emails for the particular user you can simply define the MAILTO variable as empty (MAILTO=””) on the top of the cron file.

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