Cloud computing is tipped to revolutionize the enterprise environment. It’s touted as the greener, better solution. So, let’s see what benefits are offered by the technology.

Operational Agility – With Cloud computing, developers can quickly create virtual machines or containers as per requirement. Once their purpose is done, they can get rid of these virtual machines/containers quite easily as well. This also helps testers as they would be able to adjust the scale of virtual machines to test new software.

This higher agility will help you to launch projects at a faster rate. The products predicted to take months for launch could possibly be launched much earlier.

Backup & Recovery – This is a major advantage of cloud computing systems. As they have native backup and recovery features, you wouldn’t have to spend extra time, effort and money for the safety of your data.

A Variety of Services – There are numerous services such as CDNs, storage and container management, all offered by your provider to make it easier for you to build a system.

Software Updates By Providers – Unlike physical servers where your IT admin has to check for updates, cloud providers issue automatic updates. You do not have to worry or spend time on that extra task.

Low Cost – You don’t have to pay a lot upfront when it comes to cloud. The lower costs compared to maintenance of a data center is a prime driver of cloud adaptation. You can reduce the size of your existing data centers if you have any. This can be significant as you would be able to reduce expense without making any changes to operations.

Easy Shareability and access – No matter where you are, data is accessible to you. Your employees would just need an Internet connection to access the required applications. Some of them would be able to work offline as well. Also, sharing and collaborating teams for projects become a lot easier due to this.

Work from Anywhere – Work from home is a growing trend, and cloud computing is the best suited for the purpose. It is easy for you or your employees to connect from anywhere and work either individually or as a team.

Safe & Secure – As against common notion, cloud is safer than data saved in local computer or server. The providers have large and very secure safety systems in place. There isn’t much leeway for attackers.

Better Document Transparency – It is normal that documents passed on to the client have something extra or less. With cloud, document management is transparent. There won’t be multiple versions of the same document. Thus, it becomes easier to manage.

Environment Friendly – As you go the cloud way, the number of data centers would go down. This reduces the environmental impact and improves your enterprises ‘Green’ credentials.


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So, are these benefits enough to help you make the decision on cloud computing? And if you think these are just the tip of the iceberg and there are more benefits, please share your thoughts with us.