Best Free Server Monitoring Tools for Linux and Windows

As a server administrator, it would be your prime responsibility to ensure round-the-clock health and performance of the server that is assigned to you.

With a number of free server monitoring tools available, it makes sense to choose a tool that is in accordance with your company’s infrastructure specifications. The stack you wish to monitor is also a deciding factor alongside the time and other resources that are required to build, integrate and customize your server management requirements.

Assisting you in making the right choice, the following are some of the popular and best free server monitoring tools that can help you become an asset to any organization you might associate yourself with.


Identified as a cloud-based server monitoring tool, Monitor.US is also a platform independent tool compatible with Windows and Linux servers. This free tool which works via TeamViewer enables you to constantly assess the health of the server along with keeping a watchful eye on other parameters like CPU, disk space, memory and bandwidth. Providing information regarding workstation availability, this easy-to-install tool will be up and running once it is hosted on the cloud; permitting you to install, configure, maintain and update your server at any time.

SolarWinds Server Health Monitor

Another free tool that ensures you to be well-informed about the attributes of a server including its health, performance, status and availability comes with the SolarWinds Server Health Monitor name. Enabling you to assess the performance of important server hardware components, this tool also allows you to view the status of your server. Constantly monitoring fan temperature, CPU, battery and power supply, this interface pinpoints any anomaly that can damage your server and applications. Compatible with Dell, VMWare, IBM eServer xSeries servers, this tool can also be deployed on Dell PowerEdge and HP ProLiant platforms.

Windows Monitoring Tool

It is indeed a boon to be working with a multifaceted Windows’ Monitoring Tool that effectively manages servers, desktops and applications; all running on Windows platform. This is one of the best free server monitoring tools which has an in-built feature to ensure efficient server performance by keeping a watchful eye on important parameters. These include: the utilization of CPU and memory along with disk space and bandwidth. Providing valuable information about disk read and write rates, all these attributes are constantly kept under check so that they do not exceed their permitted levels; thereby ensuring the healthy upkeep of the server.

Server & Application Monitor

A fully-functional 30 day free trial of SolarWinds Server & Application Monitor (SAM) is poised to become your top pick. While the software comes as a paid package, this trial offer which is valid for 1 month can do the trick for you to get into action within an hour of its installation. Offering an unconventional monitoring of different servers, this free version effectively manages more than 200 applications that are mounted on Windows, Linux, Exchange, IIS, Active Directory and Java. Enabling you a bird’s eye view of the asset inventory, this tool goes a long way in assisting you with capacity planning. Popping up advanced alerts, you as an administrator can also control user permissions.

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To cut the long story short, these tools can be tagged under the category of “free and best monitoring tools”, guaranteeing the constant maintenance of a server without burning a hole in the budget of your organization.

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