To make a product RAID 5 in Windows, we require no less than three hard drives of a similar limit, aside from the OS drive. Each of the three disks should be unformatted.

  •  Log in as the Windows Administrator Account.
  • Then go to >> Start >> Administrative Tools >>Computer Management
  • Or run >> ”” at the command prompt or in a Run dialog.
  • In the Computer Management, click on ”Disk Management” Or run ‘diskmgmt.msc’ at the command prompt or in a Run dialog.

  • In the Disk Management tool, Right click on each of your new Disks, and select ”Online”

  • Then ”Initialize Disk”
  • All disks should already be selected ==> Then click “OK”

  • Now right click on one of the drives and select ‘New RAID-5 Volume…’

  •  On the wizard’s page click on the ” Next” to proceed to the Disk Selection.
  •  On the ”Select Disks” screen and click,>> “Add ” for the disks you wish to have added to the ‘Selected’ list. Then click >> “Next”

  •  Pick a drive letter for your new RAID5 volume, >> Then click “Next”
  •  On the ‘Format Volume’ screen, change the features would like you.
  • Final stage

This may take some time, Once the process is complete the status will change to Healthy and the RAID 5 volume is ready for use; you do not have to restart the computer.

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