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What are the difference between graceful reboot and forceful reboot?

A server reboot can be performed in various methods. [...]

What is openfire and how to install openfire?

Openfire is a well-known chat software or we can [...]

By |2018-08-21T09:26:08+05:30August 21st, 2018|Hosting, Installations, Java, linux, Oracle, ServerManagementCompany|0 Comments

How to install OpenLiteSpeed web server in centos ?

Open LiteSpeed is an open source web server which [...]

By |2018-08-14T09:54:00+05:30August 14th, 2018|Centos7, How to Install, Installations, OpenLiteSpeed, webserver|0 Comments

What are the best five command-line email clients for Linux ?

There are different approaches to send messages from the [...]

By |2018-08-03T12:32:48+05:30August 3rd, 2018|commands, telnet|0 Comments

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