The term server management is quite self explanatory. Though there are no accepted definitions for the same, server management simply means the maintenance and monitoring of all things related to a server. But to make things clear, what services are included for server management?

Here are a few aspects that are commonly considered as part of server management services.

Setting up the server – This being the first and basic step related to a server, it comes as no surprise that server management companies cover this service. It consists of various steps such as

  1. Unzipping your files to the server and ensuring their proper function on your web hosting platform.
  2. Control panel set up is the next step required. The necessary features and functions required for your control panel will get installed and set up.
  3. Security is a mandatory part for server setup. So, firewall needs to be installed next. After which the security has to be strengthened by means of installing anti-virus and anti-spam software.
  4. Then it should be the set up of your company mail and finally would come the DNS configuration.

Monitoring the server – Once the server is set up to run smoothly, then the next important part of server management is to constantly monitor the server for any anomaly. Its importance as server performance is the key to ensuring your business success. There are different software used to monitor the health and status of your server. Some of the server monitoring aspects includes downtime and uptime notifications, storage status and security.

Server security – Sensitive information is stored in the server by most businesses. Due to this, they are also vulnerable to hackers and other security threats. You would have heard how even the big companies such as Sony and even twitter has suffered in the past with server security breaches.  Due to this, server management also includes regular security audits, monitoring and administering of existing software updates.

Support services – Despite the best measures, there are times when a server falls prey to one of the numerous issues such as a crash or a virus attack. During such situations, if the server management team has followed a backup and restore process, or disaster recovery measures, then the damage can be minimized.

Server management software

These are tools designed to take numerous manual burdens off server managers. These tools are necessary to ensure maximum uptime for servers. They also help in identifying security threats and increase system stability.

The popular functions of server management software are as follows:

  • Server health monitoring
  • System monitoring
  • Vulnerability assessment, reporting and patch management
  • Server status reporting
  • Network discovery
  • Automatic updates
  • Discovery of threats
  • Inventory management
  • Backup & restore

You can learn about some popular server management tools here: 5 Server Management Tools to Ensure a High Performing Website

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