Remote Desktop Can’t Connect To The Remote Computer

A remote desktop feature lets you easily connect to a computer located at another location. It helps the user to access the computer and interact with it as if they are locally situated. Business organizations team up by connecting via computer. remote desktop helps to connect them without any difficulties, even if they locate at different locations. 

With this article, we will let you know the cause for the “remote desktop can’t connect to the remote computer” issue and how to get the issue resolved.

Why “Remote Desktop can’t Connect to the Remote Computer” Error Occur?

There are various reasons that cause the “remote desktop can’t connect to the remote computer” error to appear.

1. Network Problems

The network problem is one of the most common reasons for this error to appear. You can use the ping command to identify network problems. It lets you check the availability of a networking device on a network. A ping fail indicates a problem with your network segment.

To execute the ping command,

  • Open the run command windows pressing the “Windows + R” button.
  •  Type “cmd” to open a command prompt.
  • To ping an IP address type Ping “IP Address” or Ping “Computer Name”

Failed ping results show you a “request time out message”. If you get this message, it is better to confirm if the remote computer is available on the network or not.

2. Windows Upgrade or Update

There have been instances where the remote desktop connection is not working after a windows update. The newly installed files may interfere with the working of RDP and corrupt the functionality of Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP). Fixing this issue needs manual intervention from your side.

3. Network Profile

If you are on a public network or a networking group, windows as a protective measure might block your remote desktop functionalities.

4. Firewall Blocking RDP Connection

By default, the firewall may block remote desktop connections.  users need to enable it manually to solve the remote desktop connection is not working error.

There are chances that the firewall may even restrict access to the server Via RDP if the windows server is being bombarded with requests to the RDP port. This may also cause the “Remote Desktop can’t connect to the remote computer” error to appear. 

How to Fix the Issue of Firewall Restricting Access to Server Via RDP?

By adding an RDP allow rule to the firewall enables only specific IPs to connect to the server via RDP. Follow the steps mentioned below to get the RDP connection working.

  • Check whether the server is being attacked by logging into the server via RDP or IPMI and run command netstat -na ! find “<port number >”
  • You could add the RDP that allows the rule to the Server firewall if an attack is confirmed.
  • Go to the control panel and select windows firewall option ->advanced settings ->inbound rules.
  • Browse to Remote desktop inbound rules and select properties.
  • Under scope change Any IP address to a specific IP option and add IP to the list
  • Click apply and this will now allow only the connections from specific IPs to the Windows server.

Wrapping Up

There are several reasons for the remote desktop connection is not working message appears. The firewall restricts access to the server via RDP if the Windows server gets bombarded with the request to the RDP port. This is the most common cause for the error message to appear. By adding an RDP allow rule to the firewall will help you get this issue resolved.

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